T-L Pivot Equipment

T-L Pivot EquipmentT-L Irrigation Pivots have many options:

Choices of power:

  • Belt driven
  • Electric Motors – single phase and 3 phase Engines

Different Management Systems:

Manual Speed and direction control: you can control your rotational speed and direction with two simple hydraulic valves. With years of field-proven operation, the Manual Speed and Direction Control option is the industry’s simplest, most reliable management tool.

T-L Point control:

You can control pivot speed and direction from the pivot point or remote locations other than the end tower.

T-L Precision Point Control II:

Features independent forward, reverse, and auxiliary speed setting by field position from the control panel. The pivot can also be stopped or reversed at predetermined positions. System speed information is shown for precise water application and there is a large back lit screen for easy viewing. This control has the major features of the TLC Pivot Manager without the complexity of computer programming.

TLC Pivot Manager:

The next generation of computerized pivot management from T-L. Reports operational performance, controls multiple systems outputs, provides readings for water and hydraulic pressures, monitors speed, sets a watering schedule and more.

T-L Remote Monitor:

  • Can be utilized on all T-L management systems.
  • Communication can be designed with a cellular or radio connection to fit your specific requirements.

T-L Internet Precision  Alert & Control:

  • AgSense remote management unit mounts on the pivot end tower where a GPS receiver reports the system’s position, speed and direction of travel. The AgSense uses digital cell phone technology to communicate through the Internet and can be configured to send alerts to a cell phone or e-mail address.

Two most efficient Drive System:

  • Planetary and Worm Gears: They are totally enclosed and they are coupled directly to the hydraulic motor, eliminating a center  pivot drive gear. Continuous movement means extended gear life.

Compare Warranties:

  • Electric Pivots Warranty: 8,000 hours
  • T-L Pivots: 24,000 hours Guaranteed Performance

Options for any Field or Crop:

  • Hydraulic End Gun Booster
  • Auto End Gun Shut off
  • Auto Reverse
  • Position Stop
  • Choice of Pipe, Material and Size
  • Tire sizes
  • Agri Trac’s to reduce rutting
  • Flowmeters
  • PVC, PIP & IPS Pipe
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Fertilizer
  • Big Guns or Water Canon
  • Sprinkler package
  • Injection Equipment

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