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Ed Brannan has been in the irrigation business since 1970 and was born and raised in Sunbeam, CO. He has been around irrigation and a ranch-farm operation his entire life, primarily as a family owned and operated cow/calf producer with dry land grains and irrigated grassland. Ed wanted to throw away his shovel and let a center pivot do the work more efficient and double the hay production. He now owns four T-L pivots.

Kris Brannan has been in the agricultural business most of her life. Kris is a cow/calf producer as well. She’s been involved with 4-H for over 30 years and is a strong supporter of the 4-H livestock sales. In the Irrigation business since 1980, Kris joined up with Ed in 2002 and joined his team of selling T-L pivots. Kris has 3 T-L pivots on their ranch/farm in Maybell, CO.

Ed & Kris Brannan

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