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Custom Agricultural Irrigation Systems

For over 40 years, the professionals at B & B Irrigation Systems have been designing and installing some of the most complex and effective agricultural irrigation systems on ranches and farms in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Starting with a complete analysis of the location, Ed Kris and their team put their experience to work for you. They listen to your needs and take into account your budget.

Custom Agricultural Irrigation Systems

T-L Pivots

T-L Pivots

T-L Irrigation Pivots have many options:
Choices of power:

  • Belt driven
  • Electric Motors – single phase and 3 phase Engines
  • Different Management Systems:

Manual Speed and direction control: you can control your rotational speed and direction with two simple hydraulic valves.

About Us

Ed Brannan has been in the irrigation business since 1970 and was born and raised in Sunbeam, CO. He has been around irrigation and a ranch-farm operation his entire life, primarily as a family owned and operated cow/calf producer with dry land grains and irrigated grassland. Ed wanted to throw away his shovel and let a center pivot do the work more efficient and double the hay production. He now owns four T-L pivots. Kris Brannan has been in the agricultural business most of her life.

Kris is a cow/calf producer as well. She’s been involved with 4-H for over 30 years and is a strong supporter…

T-L Pivots

Pumps and Supplies

Pumps and SuppliesB & B Irrigation Systems has all the specialty pumps and supplies for your custom irrigation system. After all, we design and install

Custom Bridges

Custom BridgesB & B Irrigation Solutions can develop a complete solution for your farm or ranch irrigation needs. We painstakingly review all of the terrain

See Our Videos

See our videosB & B are the agricultural irrigation specialists. To see the T-L Pivots in action, see our video here. To hear our audio clips, click here.

20 Reasons To Chose T-L Pivot Hydraulic Systems

20 Reasons To Chose T-L Pivot Hydraulic Systems
  1. It was the only system with continuous movement: uniform water application 
    No start and stop of the drive train means less wear and tear on all components and an Improved water pattern without spoking.
  2. Safe and simple to operate and understand
    No high voltage on the system structure.
  3. No lightning damage
    Because there are no high voltage components, you don’t have to worry about lightning strikes.
  4. Minimum maintenance alignment
    No micro switches or contacts to worry about.     
  5. Alignment valve with 8-year warranty
    Long warranty for added assurance.
  6. No center drive gearboxes
    Motors coupled to final drive for higher drive efficiency.

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