Proud Partner with the NRCS

NRCSB & B Irrigation Systems is a proud partner of the NRCS, making sure irrigation systems they are involved with meet the goals and standards of the NRCS.

NRCS works with landowners through conservation planning and assistance to benefit the soil, water, air, plants, and animals for productive lands and healthy ecosystems. Working at the local level, – in field offices at USDA Service Centers in nearly every county in the Nation, — NRCS employees’ understanding of local resource concerns and challenges result in conservation solutions that last. Seventy percent of the land in the United States is privately owned, making stewardship by private landowners absolutely critical to the health of our Nation’s environment.

Science and technology are critical to good conservation. NRCS experts from many disciplines come together to help landowners conserve natural resources in efficient, smart and sustainable ways.

NRCS succeeds through partnerships, working closely with individual farmers and ranchers, landowners, local conservation districts, government agencies, Tribes, Earth Team volunteers and many other people and groups that care about the quality of America’s natural resources.

“If we take care of the land, it will take care of us,” first NRCS Chief, Hugh Hammond Bennett.


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