Flow Meters & Water Filters

Flow Meters & Water FiltersB & B Irrigation Systems sells, services and installs some of the most advanced flow meters and water filters on the market today.

One of our most popular and effective flow meters was developed with a breakthrough design that combines advanced flow conditioning and propeller meter technologies. This results in superior accuracy, lower installation costs and a longer life with very low maintenance. It’s the ideal money-saving flow measurement solution to help farmers, ranchers and water district managers cope with the latest water metering programs,

This advanced design allows it to be installed in close proximity to chemigration, butterfly and gate valves, or out-of-plane elbows. The self-cleaning propeller design prevents the build-up of solids, while the magnetic coupling system keeps the register drive isolated from the flow while permitting unrestricted movement of the impeller.  Free rotation of the impeller is also assured by factory-lubricated, stainless steel bearings.

In addition to flow meters, B & B Irrigation Systems also has the widest selection of quality water filters to fit just about any irrigation system.

So the the next time you need a reliable and state-of-the-art flow meter or water filters, contact the professionals at B & B Irrigation Systems. After 40 years, we know just about everything there is about ranch and farm irrigation systems in the Western United States.

Flow Meters & Water Filters

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