It takes years to acquire a specialty in Farm and Ranch Irrigation. In the case of Ed and Kris Brannan, they’ve got over 50 years of combined experience in farm and ranch irrigation consulting services.

Here’s their top 10 list of what you should know about farm and ranch irrigation:

  • Every parcel of land is different. A consultant should be able to see the nuances of your land and recommend a solution based on your unique parcel of land. Cookie-cutter solutions just don’t cut it.
  • Design for the long haul. There will be rainy years, and there will be draught years. And it’s never what you expect. Plan for both ends of the scenario, and you’ll have an effective farm and ranch irrigation systems that performs under all circumstances.
  • Obstacles can be overcome. Many times when we preview a parcel, we’ll see underused land. Sometimes it’s because of gulches and other natural obstacles. But with the right design (and bridges), you can maximize your land use.
  • Saving on energy costs can really add up over time. Because T-L pivots uses water pressure, or hydro power, there are no electric or fuel costs associated with them. And that can save a ranch or farm literally thousands of dollars.
  • You use technology; so should your irrigation system. Ed and Kris are up to speed on all the latest technology, from GPS planning to iPhone integration. And it’s really, really easy to use. Control everything remotely!
  • Bridges add utility. Bridges are one of the coolest innovations in ranch and farm irrigation, because they help maximize land not useable before. We design and install all kinds of bridges, and our irrigation bridge web page is viewed by people all over the world.
  • Flow meters matter. Not only are they important in water rights and usage restrictions, but they can also tell you a lot about how to maximize, or minimize your water needs. A lot of it depends on the kind of year you’re having (wet, dry or normal).
  • Pitches and hills are surmountable. Did you know that our irrigation systems can be designed on hills and pitches, up to a full 15% rise? Most people have no idea that the technology and design can accommodate that much pitch.
  • Listen first, then recommend. If you get on the phone with you, and they start recommended or pitching a certain solution before listening to you first or viewing your property, watch out. Only after a thorough understanding of your unique parcel should a recommendation ever be made.
  • Experience does matter. Ed and Kris have over 50 years of combined experience, and have seen so many variables, geographic considerations and unique parcels that they should have earned their doctorate degrees many times over. But the best thing about Ed and Kris are just how down-to-earth they really are. But don’t let their folksy style fool you. They are the extreme experts in ranch and farm irrigation systems.