Installing or tweaking the best ranch irrigation systems take a lot of know-how and experience. At B & B Irrigation, we’ve been working with the best ranch irrigation systems for over 40 years. Here is our view on how to develop the best ranch irrigation systems.

  1. The ranch irrigation system you select matters. Consider that if you’re installing a ranch irrigation system for the first time, or perhaps making adjustments to your current system, you want to have the best ranch irrigation system on the market. In our experience, T-L pivots as the backbone make the best ranch irrigation system, because of their performance, longevity and use of water pressure, or hydro power, meaning there are no electric or fuel costs. This can save a ranch thousands of dollars a year, and tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their irrigation system.
  2. Pick a system that’s safe, each to use and simple to operate. T-L pivot systems was the only system with continuous movement for a uniform water application. Also, because there are no high voltage components, you don’t have to worry about lightening strikes.
  3. Use a system with a hydraulic pump and tank. The T-L Pivot system uses a hydraulic pump for a long service life. And the hydraulic tank is simple to maintain, with no adjustments to control or gauges to set.
  4. Leverage technology. The use of satellite imaging in developing the recommended ranch irrigation offers a lot of benefits. You can increase your yields and maximize your land through the use of satellite technology. There is also GPS technology that can be built into system, complete with email and cell phone alerts, so you’ll always know that your irrigation system is operating properly.
  5. Complete installation and customization is critical. Consider the use of custom irrigation bridges if you have natural gullies or gulches, or other land issues that prevent you from using all of your land. Over the life of your irrigation system, these custom bridges can mean the difference between good yields or great yields.
  6. Experience and warranties matter. T-L Pivot systems have industry-leading gearbox warranties. B & B Irrigation has over 40 years of experience, yet stay on top of the latest technology tools and trends to make sure you have a state-of-the-art ranch irrigation system that will provide savings for years to come.

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