Choosing the right organic fertilizer for your ranch or farm in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming can sometimes be a tough choice. At B & B Irrigation, we have the experience and know-how to make your selection process easier. We carry a variety of sugar-based organic fertilizers from organic fertilizer leader CleanGreen®.

All of our fertilizers come in liquid form and are easily injected into T-L Pivots or sprayed on a field. The organic fertilizer does not hard your pipes.

Organic fertilizer dramatically improves your crop conditions, and helps put microbes and trace minerals back in your soil. It reverses many of the negative effects that traditional, chemical-based fertilizers have over an extended use.

Here is a summary of your organic fertilizer options:


HA-12 organic fertilizer is composed of humic acid and over 70 trace minerals. Humic acid is extracted from Leonardite. It is a naturally-occurring substance found in soils, coal and peat, resulting from the decomposition of organic matter.

Trace minerals help to create a plant that is more resistant to insect pressure, frost, drought and every other adverse condition that limits plant growth.

HA-12 is effective, and results in higher plant yields, higher protein levels higher nutritional value and gives the plant a stronger immune system. Yet it’s very efficient and affordable.


B.F.-888  contains all the microbial organisms your plants need to grow to their full potential. B.F.-888 literally breathes life back into polluted and over-processed soil and water, and breaks down compounds in soils such as fertilizers, diesel, oil, gasoline, pesticides, herbicides and more.


C4 is a high quality food grade foliar fertilizer/adjuvant and it helps to fight bugs and keep plants strong and healthy.

The organic acids, colloidal minerals and complex carbohydrates in C4 aid in the immediate uptake of chemicals into weeds also encourage and enhance crop growth, health and fruitation. Research has proven that plants with high levels of carbohydrates and trace minerals are more immune to stressful situations such as drought, frost and herbicide shock. It also helps to feed soil microbes, converting nutrients in the soil into plant food, while stimulating amino acid and protein production in the plants.

Liquid Calcium

Liquid Calcium is often referred to as the “King” of Crop Nutrients!” Unlike any other calcium on the market, our calcium is unique in that it is designed to release nutrients and minerals that are in the soil and make them available to the plant. This means that you can grow the best crops, drastically reduce your nitrogen use, save you money, and Increase your yields. Plus, it’s cheaper and more effective than using limestone. Our calcium is used to double nitrogen efficiency by stabilizing nitrogen and helping to prevent it from wicking off or leaching away, thereby reducing the total amount of nitrogen needed. Our Calcium is also 100% soluble.

Hydrolyzed Fish Liquid 4-1-1

What is hydrolyzed fish fertilizer? Hydrolysis is the process of transforming a solid material into a water-base solution or suspension. By breaking down the organic components of a fish such as protein, fish oil, and bone into extremely small parts, a nutritional product (fish hydrolysate) is obtained. Mostly, the protein, characterized by long molecular chains, is divided into smaller components such as peptides and ultimately amino acids.  Our fish hydrolysate is produced utilizing only natural enzymes to break down the long protein chains, and helps to build organic matter, increase water and nutrient capacity, and provide increased crop tonnage. It’s compatible with more insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.


A powerful liquid organic fertilizer package that contain the naturally occurring trace minerals found in the ocean, MIN-TEC contains no additive. So why do you need MIN-TEC? Soil erosion has reduced many soils to an insufficient and inadequate level of essential trace mineral availability in the soil. Studies have shown that most soils only provide 12-20 of the 90 available natural minerals. This lack of minerals in the soil has resulted in poor plant nutritional value, smaller and inferior yells, weakened plants and increase susceptibility to pests and disease. MIN-TEC helps restore these valuable natural minerals.

B & B Irrigation offers a complete range of organic fertilizers that will help restore your soil to its most natural state. If you’re in this for the long haul, and want to produce strong yields without compromising your soil for future generations, make the switch to organic fertilizers.

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