For over 40 years, B & B Irrigation has been designing and installing some of the most complex agricultural irrigation systems, including T-L Pivot Systems, in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

T-L Pivot Systems are widely considered to be the best system around, especially for ranches and agricultural areas in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. They also organize, select and install all the necessary components, including PVC piping, water pumps, flow meters, custom bridges and more.

T-L Pivot Systems offer the landowner many advantages, including a choices of power, different management systems with manual speed and direction control, as well as pivot speed control.

Other T-L Pivot systems features for Colorado, Wyoming and Utah include control panel functions which allow for independent forward, reverse and auxiliary speed setting by field position using the T-L Precision Point Control II.

The TLC Pivot Manager is the next generation of computerized pivot management, allowing for reports of operational performance, reading for water and hydraulic pressures, water scheduling and more.

The AgSense remote management unit mounts on the pivot end tower where a GPS receiver reports the system’s position, speed and direction of travel. It can be configured to send alerts to a cell phone or email address.

T-L Pivots also have an amazing 24,000-hour guaranteed performance warranty, three times more than the normal 8,000 warranty of electric pivots.

They come with options for any field or crop, including hydraulic end-gun booster, auto-end gun shut off, auto reverse, position stop, choice of pipe, material and size, various tire sizes, Agri Tracs to reduce rutting, big guns or water cannons, and injection equipment.

Because of their strong group buying power, the pricing of T-L Pivot Systems in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming is amongst the lowest around. They design, build and install the most complex systems, often times including custom irrigation bridges.

B & B Irrigation was honored as the 2010 Agricultural Business of the Year by the renowned Colorado First Conservation District.

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